Hot and Cold Spigots

We’ve got new American made hot and cold spigots (also known as outside faucets) available for springtime and summertime! Great for: Washing the car Filling the pool Bathing the dog Washing the deck Watering plants Starting at $350 for spigot and installation. Call us today for more information!

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Prevent Your Home from Flooding

Spring is approaching, which means all the snow you have on your lawn can cause a big melt down! Protect your home from flooding ! When melt down starts, check on your sump pump regularly if you don’t have a back up pump. 1. If there is a constant humming sound from your pump, it […]

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Frozen and Burst Pipes

There is another deep freeze on its way. Have you had frozen pipes before? Protect yourself: 1. Turn on your faucets to a slow trickle [This will keep the water flow moving in your pipes] 2. If you have an area that frequently freezes in cold weather use a heater to keep the area at […]

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