Frozen and Burst Pipes

There is another deep freeze on its way. Have you had frozen pipes before?

Protect yourself:
1. Turn on your faucets to a slow trickle [This will keep the water flow moving in your pipes]
2. If you have an area that frequently freezes in cold weather use a heater to keep the area at a warm temperature
3. Know where your water shut off is!

Your pipes are frozen:
1.Not all frozen pipes will burst. Approx. 60% of all our calls with frozen pipes do not burst . This obviously saves you money but there is always that risk.
2.If your pipes are frozen do not leave the house without first turning off the water supply.
3.The risky time is when the freeze starts to thaw.

Your pipes have burst:
1.Turn off your water supply if you haven’t already.
2.Call us immediately at 630-469-1395. We will locate,remove and replace the burst pipe. We have direct contact with emergency restoration crews to cleanup any major water damage that is certified to use with your insurance company.

All our labor work has a lifetime warranty. We are available on weekdays and weekends. No extra charge during regular business hours.