• Is your faucet constantly dripping or leaking ?

    With constant dripping and leaking you are literally wasting money down the drain by increasing your water bill. Your faucet may need a new cartridge or just completely replaced. If its the kitchen faucet that needs to be replace, our recommendation “Grohe Lady Lux Kitchen Faucet”.

  • Does you toilet tank constantly run?

    You may need new inside tank parts. If your water is running your water bill is increasing! If your toilet needs replacing, our recommendation is the “Kholer comfort height toilet”. It’s 2″ higher than the regular toilet and so much easier on the back and knees.

  • Is your sump pump making unusual noises?

    It may need a new check valve or if not may need to be replaced. Have us check it out before it floods your basement, our recommendation “Pro Flow 1/2 HP sump pump”. It’s extremely reliable and has a 2 year manufacturing warranty!

  • Do you worry your basement might flood?

    When you get a lot of water around your house whether its from location of your foundation or heavy rainfall your sump pump has a lot of work to do. For your pump to work you have to have electricity, without that you risk flooding. Why not put a battery back up pump on? This will give you piece of mind that if the power is out or your sump pump fails it will automatically kick on and alert you of the situation. Our recommendation is the Commercial grade Pro Series battery back up system, which includes pump, no maintenance battery and alarm system.

  • Are you running out of hot water more than usual?

    It may be time for a new water heater. Water heaters generally last for about 8 years. Be aware for leaks as it gets older, you do not want the bottom to bust and flood your basement.

  • Do you lose you power often?

    One of my best investments I did for my home was a House generator. It will automatically kick on when power goes out, you will have lights, television, computer, your food will not be destroyed and your sump pumps will be working. Our recommendation, “Generac”. We have a Generac installed at our home and its reliable and relatively quiet compared to some.